Comprehensive ESS test facilities

Creowave is proud to announce the new ESS test facilities in the company premises.

“Over the years we have tested our products with third party lab outside our own facilities. The cooperation has worked well but as the quantities have increased steadily and many of the Major Oil companies are more focused on repeated qualifications for vibration, shock and temperature cycling according to the ISO 13628 standard, the need for our own lab became necessity, “explains Jyrki Koski, Creowave CEO. “Our own test facility helps of course logistically and reduces the delivery times to our customers. This is very important step for us on maintaining and increasing the reliability of our products for the benefit of our customers in international Oil & Gas community. ”, he adds.

Creowave ESS test laboratory is now in action at the company facilities in Oulu, Finland. The premises will generally be used for qualification and product ESS testings according to ISO-13628-6 subsea standard, but will also contribute on the verification testing for the reliability and lifetime Stress Screening tests done for all products going to be used in Oil fields. First customers have been present on witnessing tests and to see the new facilities and standard production flow for both Subsea and topside units is now going through the testing in-house.