Creowave C-site system

New C-site system to remotely monitor well conditions on the production site has been launched recently. First wide public appearance was made in Abu Dhabi while Creowave attended the ADIPEC exhibition in November. As the Oil companies are facing the demand of increasing energy usage Globally, they will need to be able to increase the production and also to improve the oil recovery rates in the existing fields. The online access to real-time data from the field is becoming a necessity. C-site system answers this demand as it gathers all the important data from the field and delivers it to the customers back-offices or anywhere that it is needed.

C-site system is built to bring savings to the Oil companies, and that all starts with the ease of installation and later on continues with less maintenance activities needed in the fields, as all the decisions can be based on the real-time data from the wells. C-site system is a key part on enabling the intelligent field development, concept launched by some major Oil & Gas companies.

C-site system consists of different modules, namely S7, R7 and G7.  Together they form the system that is needed to remotely access the real-time data in the operational conditions of the wells.

The whole C-site system is designed to fulfill ATEX Zone 1 requirements.