Creowave continues to grow and puts a clear focus towards Oil & Gas

Over the years, Creowave Oy has been steadily increasing the deliveries towards the Oil & Gas customers. On the spring 2013 Board of Directors of Creowave Oy made the decision for the company to focus more clearly for the Oil & Gas customers.

Now, starting from 1st of October, 2013, Creowave Oy is solely focused on finding the best available solutions to enable Oil & Gas companies to follow their own strategies related to intelligent fields. This is a task that suits Creowave’s existing product range very well. The latest product family is targeted for remote monitoring of the production wells in the oilfields. Creowave will continue to develop intelligent systems for the most stringent requirements from the industry.

On the same date, 1st of October, 2013, Creowave Oy has established a new daughter company to continue the Radio Testing business. The new company, Creowave Filters Oy, will continue with the well-established business leadership within challenging filter products serving the telecommunication industry.

Creowave Filters Oy will focus with its profound knowledge and professional engineers to the test filtering business. To serve the telecommunication companies, military and similar at its best, Creowave Filters Oy has now a long experienced professional from the field; Mr. Reijo Liias, to take over the business activities as a CEO for Creowave Filters Oy. “I have former worked in similar companies but I’ve always had a dream of working with Creowave someday. Now this dream will come to a reality and I am more than eager to get to work and make new things happen in the company!”, comments Mr. Liias.

“For us, this is a natural step on developing the business. The Filtering business has different customer base and different kind of focus than for the rest of the businesses in Creowave Oy. We have seen this as a way to make sure that both customer groups are given the highest priority as they deserve. The reason, why this could not have happened before, is simply that we have been looking for a correct person to take the responsibility of Filtering business, and take the overall responsibility in long term business development of filtering.”, explains Mr. Jyrki Koski.

“I am very pleased, that Mr. Liias was willing to take on to this challenge, as he is really the person, who is able to take us to the next level with our business. Most importantly this enables Creowave Oy to focus more clearly to the business operations serving the Oil & Gas customers. Serving our customers with our best ability and responding to customer needs has always been a high priority to us. Now we can put even more effort to this, and also show it to the world around us. ”, tells Mr. Jyrki Koski satisfied. Mr. Koski will continue as a CEO of Creowave Oy with Mr. Teemu Vähäkangas as Vice President of the company.

In the coming months many new changes are still to come. For one major change both companies will receive new company logos and renewed, improved websites. Creowave Oy will be present at the ADIPEC and launch its new websites and public appearance by then. ADIPEC is the largest gas and oil event for the Middle East, held between 10th and 13th November 2013 in ADNEC, Abu Dhabi. We wish You all welcome to meet us in Abu Dhabi!