Creowave growing

Creowave is growing and increasing its expertise with highly professional employees. Arto Happonen started at Creowave production in the beginning of March 2014. Arto is a familiar face at Creowave, he was recruited to the company from the subsidiary Creowave Filters Oy.

Another familiar face, Katja Lehtomaa, started working at Creowave in the middle of March. Katja has worked at Creowave in marketing already from 2009 to 2012. From now on Katja will be in charge of quality issues in the company as well as specific operation and purchasing activities. “I am excited to return to Creowave and the great team of professionals. The company has gone through major changes while I have been gone. I am eager to join and contribute to the company that now puts a clear focus on oil and gas customers”, comments Katja.

Co-workers warmly welcome both Katja and Arto welcome to the company!