Filter Bank designed by Creowave

Creowave R&D has been working on various projects recently, the latest project engineering a Filter Bank for special customer’s requirements.

The Radio Testing business unit offers a variety of sub-systems and filters, including suitable products for spurious emissions, multiband testing and passive intermodulation measurements. The filter portfolio is remarkably comprehensive, however nowadays more and more tailored solutions are produced.

Creowave engineers have been working on the latest tailored solution for the end customer. As a result – TX Spectrum Measurement Filter Bank – now delivered and working at the customer premises.

Filter Bank

– I’m pleased how the operating interface turned out. Automating transmit spectrum measurements is made simple by the VXI-11.3 LAN interface. Manual measurements are easily accommodated by the touch-sensitive screen, Matti Luomaranta, one of the Software Engineers working at Creowave, comments satisfied.

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