Norway Ambassador visited Creowave offices

Creowave received honored guests in early February when His Excellency Ambassador Jørg Willy Bronebakk visited the head-quarter.


Finnish-Norwegian technology business opportunities seminar was held in Oulu early February 2013. In the morning His Excellency Ambassador and other honored guests visited Creowave to hear how the company has succeeded in its chosen areas of business and how exactly the business with Norwegian companies has been. After company visiting guests continued to the seminar at Radisson Blu in the city center. The seminar included topics as “Norwegian-Finnish cooperation reaching new heights” and “Innovation Norway´s active role for business”. The evening ended for a dinner, after which the guests flew to visit Helsinki, the capital of Finland, to continue their business trip there.

“We were flattered when the Chamber of Commerce contacted us and wanted us to be a part of the seminar. Chamber of Commerce know the business relationships we have with some major Norwegian companies and naturally we were more than willing to show our expertise and know-how with the seminar attendees. These kinds of events are very productive, give us new companionships and let us transfer the knowledge with others as well”, explains Mr. Jyrki Koski, CEO of Creowave.