Creowave overcame the tender for 50 TETRA Repeaters

State Security Networks Ltd. is a limited non-profit company which is owned by the Finnish Government. The company operates the world’s first nationwide TETRA network – the VIRVE network – which is commonly used by Finnish authorities. State Security Networks headquarters are located in Helsinki.

State Security Networks opened a tender for 50 TETRA Indoor Repeaters and their control- and surveillance systems in September 2012. Creowave quoted the band-selective TETRA Repeater (CWR 380 TI 2 EG) as well the surveillance software. For surveillance Creowave uses its own Repeater Manager Software, CWR TR NMS.

In early October Creowave finally got information of winning the tender.

“This is once more strong evidence of our product reliability. Customers appreciate quality and choose us once again. We are naturally very pleased with this. As the oldest nationwide TETRA network in the world, we are honoured to be chosen by Finnish VIRVE network and get to deliver the TETRA repeaters for them”, comments Jyrki Koski, CEO of Creowave.

“Short delivery times and delivery accuracy are nowadays extremely important. We are proud to say, these things are our areas of expertise. We will make the first deliveries this week, only three weeks after the official Purchase Order. Meeting and keeping up with the agreed delivery times is of high importance to the company”, continues Jyrki.

Filter Bank designed by Creowave

Creowave R&D has been working on various projects recently, the latest project engineering a Filter Bank for special customer’s requirements.

The Radio Testing business unit offers a variety of sub-systems and filters, including suitable products for spurious emissions, multiband testing and passive intermodulation measurements. The filter portfolio is remarkably comprehensive, however nowadays more and more tailored solutions are produced.

Creowave engineers have been working on the latest tailored solution for the end customer. As a result – TX Spectrum Measurement Filter Bank – now delivered and working at the customer premises.

Filter Bank

– I’m pleased how the operating interface turned out. Automating transmit spectrum measurements is made simple by the VXI-11.3 LAN interface. Manual measurements are easily accommodated by the touch-sensitive screen, Matti Luomaranta, one of the Software Engineers working at Creowave, comments satisfied.

For more information and detailed specifications please contact Creowave by calling +358 10 8326 300 or filling in the contact form.

Unique Dual Multiplexer delivered

Creowave R&D did great engineering to be able to produce a special Dual Multiplexer filter. Dual Multiplexer, designed to meet important customer needs, took remarkable R&D effort and the end result is remarkable in performance.

The Radio Testing business unit offers a variety of sub-systems and filters, including suitable products for spurious emissions, multiband testing and passive intermodulation measurements. The filter portfolio is remarkably comprehensive and, along with standard models also tailored solutions are offered.

One of these tailored solutions is just being processed and delivered to the customer. Creowave R&D team is extremely satisfied with the end results. The Dual Multiplexer was planned with the customer long and profound and lead to an excellent performance as a result.

Dual Multiplexer filter

– Combination of TETRA and LTE bands was very challenging indeed. Now the Dual Multiplexer enables our customer to connect both TETRA and LTE bands simply in the same antenna. Additionally we managed to fit all these qualities in to a compact size, comments the Technical Director of Creowave, Mr. Juha Heikkinen.

For more information and detailed specifications please contact Creowave sales anytime!

59 913 guests visited ONS in Stavanger, Norway

A record breaking 59 913 guests from 109 nations visited ONS during one week. In 2010 the event gathered 49 735 visitors.

Creowave attended the event and was seen at stand D-450/2. We wish You had the possibility to visit us there and the ones who did, we thank you warmly and wish to meet You soon again!

Iraq Embassy visited Creowave offices

Creowave was honored to receive guests from Iraq Embassy this spring. Agenda for H.E. the Ambassador Mr. Adbul Kareem Toma Mehdi Kaab was to visit several well-known and recognized places in the Oulu region.

H.E. the Ambassador visited Oulu City Hall as well as Oulu University before departure to Oulunsalo and visiting Creowave head-quarter. Mr. Jyrki Koski, CEO, and Mr. Teemu Vähäkangas, Vice President of Creowave, wish Mr. Adbul Kareem Toma Mehdi Kaab warmly welcome also in the future.

Creowave received honored guests when Iraq Embassy visited the headquarters

Video from TWC 2012

If you didn’t have the chance to meet Creowave at the TETRA World Congress in Dubai, you can now see a glimpse of how the event looked like! Jyrki Koski, CEO of Creowave, tells the recent news from the company as well as from the event itself.

Record breaking attendance at TETRA World Congress 2012

Creowave attended successfully the TETRA World Congress 2012 held last week in Dubai, in United Arab Emirates. The amount of visitors at the company stand was bigger than ever before and interesting discussions on various projects was conducted.

– I am extremely satisfied with the TETRA World Congress held in Dubai last week. Year after year the amount of visitors has been growing and we had some extremely interesting discussions at the stand. The next generation TETRA Frequency Shifting Repeater launched at the event clearly aroused interest among the public. I am also delighted that the morning seminar hosted by Creowave in the beginning of the event turned out to be very successful with great number of participants, comments the CEO of Creowave, Jyrki Koski.

TETRA World Congress is the largest event of TETRA industry gathering different professionals together every year. For more information about the event, please click here.


Creowave launches TETRA Frequency Shifting Repeater

Ceowave is delighted to announce that the company launches next generation TETRA Frequency Shifting Repeater at TETRA World Congress 2012. The event is held between 14th and 17th May in Dubai.

Creowave introduces TETRA Frequency Shifting Repeater at TETRA World Congress. In 2009 Creowave introduced software definable TETRA Channel Selective Repeaters and now remarkable improvements have been made so that these software definable repeaters can be upgraded to TETRA Frequency Shifting Repeaters. TETRA Frequency Shifting Repeater is an ideal choice for large outdoor locations with minimal requirement for isolation between uplink and downlink antennas. The Repeater has two units – Master and Slave. The Master Unit converts the TETRA downlink carrier to selected frequency and Slave Unit converts it back to the original. The shifted frequencies are used only in traffic between Master and Slave. For the user it is possible to configure the size of the frequency shift for each carrier.

– I am very proud to launch the TETRA Frequency Shifting Repeater in TETRA World Congress. The repeater is an excellent choice for large outdoor coverage cases where the isolation between paths has previously been the limiting factor. The software definable TETRA Channel Selective Repeaters can be upgraded to TETRA Frequency Shifting Repeaters so the customer doesn’t have to know the need of the exact repeater type beforehand. In addition, if the frequency shifting feature is no longer needed in some point, the TETRA Frequency Shifting Repeater can be used as a normal Channel Selective Repeater. These features provide flexibility to the customer, comments Jyrki Koski, the CEO of Creowave.

Creowave introduces the TETRA Frequency Shifting Repeater in TETRA World Congress. The venue for the event is International Exhibition and Convention Centre in Dubai. Creowave welcomes You to the stand F502 to learn more about TETRA Frequency Shifting Repeater as well as other TETRA coverage solutions!

New reseller for Creowave

Creowave has expanded its global presence by concluding a reseller agreement with Spanish company called Zenon Digital Radio. Zenon Digital Radio promotes, markets and supports the implementation of TETRA products and systems.

Zenon Digital Radio will represent Creowave TETRA products in Spain, Andorra and Gibraltar. In addition to Creowave TETRA products, Zenon Digital Radio represents also companies such as Sepura, Rohill and TETRASim.

– We are extremely delighted that we came into agreement and that we’ll start working together in Spain, Andorra and Gibraltar. We are convinced that together with such a professional and experienced company as Zenon Digital Radio we are able to serve the local TETRA markets in the best possible way, comments Jyrki Koski, the CEO of Creowave.

For more information about Zenon Digital Radio, click here.

New reseller in Norway

Creowave is delighted to announce that the company has expanded its global presence by signing a reseller agreement with TC Connect in Norway. TC Connect AS has been founded in 2000 and supplies cost effective solutions in the radio communications industry. Their expertise is in the field of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR).

tc-connectTC Connect aims to deliver solutions that meet the customers’ needs, and to achieve that they have achieved great knowledge of the market. They have chosen to focus specifically on the industries of emergency services, utilities, transport and oil and gas, and these will be their major research areas in the years to come.

TC Connect works with the leading manufacturers of communications equipment and solutions. Their aim is to offer the best solution possible based on the customers’ individual requirements and needs.

“Having now worked for a while with TC Connect I am very pleased how quickly we have managed to do business. Their business culture is very similar to the Finnish. ”, comments Gary Daly, UK Sales Director at Creowave.

“The whole TC Connect team come across very well, keen to engage and learn new products. I look forward to many years together”, Gary adds.

For more information on TC Connect you can find here.