Plusab defibrillator training for staff

January is almost over but we have been busy working towards our goals that we have set for this year. One of these goals is to set an even higher standard for health & safety.

Yesterday we upgraded our teams life-saving skills and welcomed Plusab Medical Solutions Finland Oy representative Miia Virtapuro to train all of our staff to have the most upgraded knowledge on how to use the defibrillator – this is a crucial skill that can make life-or-death difference in the event of a heart attack.

Health & safety is a top priority for us and equipping our team with the knowledge and confidence to respond in emergencies is paramount. The training covered essential aspects, including understanding when to use the defibrillator, proper placement of electrodes and administering life-saving shocks.

By investing in training programs like these, we ensure that our team is not only skilled in their respective roles but also equipped to handle unexpected situations with grace and efficiency.

We are proud to say that we are now a “Sydänturvallinen Työpaikka” (Heart safe workplace)! ❤️