User Group Forum at MPM

MPM User Group Forum was held in mid-June at Stavanger, Norway.

Creowave CEO, Mr Jyrki Koski, was being invited to the annual Forum organized and gathered together by Multi Phase Meters AS.

Mr. Koski held his speech regarding High reliability & MTBF Electronics. “As the numbers of electronics installations are increasing in the Oil & Gas industry, the reliability of the electronics is becoming more important than ever before. For us, as representing a company providing electronics for subsea industry, it is very important, that all the parties have realised the importance of quality and reliability. Costs of replacing equipment is so huge, that there is no room for mistakes”, says Jyrki. “As a market leader in reliable electronics in Subsea, we want to contribute on developing future fields and enable the oil companies to start to use the potential of the electronics in Subsea”, he continues.

The Forum was held at the Norwegian Oil Museum at Stavanger.