A professional with decades of experience? A graduate with enthusiasm and fresh ideas?

Creowave can provide challenges and opportunities for both. We value persons with a right kind of attitude and persistence. It is eagerness to learn new things and to contribute that counts. In addition to these, you need a pinch/bucket of sense of humor to get along with us.

It is extremely interesting and rewarding to work in the international oil and gas industry and to be involved in creating more intelligent sites with modern technology. Experienced colleagues as well as beginners from university forms a great team to innovate and meet and exceed the customer and industry requirements with our products and solutions.


Taisto is one of the most experienced RF designers in the area with decades of experience designing RF parts to various succeeded products and installations. Taisto has been part of Creowave already from year 2010 working as a Technical Director for many R&D projects.

“I joined Creowave at the end of my studies. I was able to learn and grow my knowledge in embedded software development throughout my master’s thesis research. Upon completing my masters, I continued my career at Creowave. I have been fortunate to be able to create and continuously improve using the latest embedded software concepts, in close proximity to more experienced collegues.”


Hannu-Pekka is a Creowave protégé and has been with us ever since graduating in 2011. In addition, he completed his master’s thesis research for us. The fresh eyes of recently graduated students together with our more experienced employees enable Creowave to utilize the latest technology waves. These new winds combined with the experienced employess enable us to deliver the best kind of professionalism and quaranteed service to our customers.

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