Attitude, determination and experience are words describing the personnel of Creowave. As a company we strive to motivate and challenge our employees offering also opportunities to educate themselves along the way.

Mix of experience and fresh ideas

Some of our employees have been with us since the beginning, whilst some have been added to the team at a later time. The concept of mixing experience together with new concepts of execution is present in our daily operations. Some of the personnel have decades of experience in developing high quality electronics to industrial environments as some bring fresh and new ways of thinking as a graduates.

Attitude is a word that describes the personnel of the company.  Without the right kind of attitude of commitment and enthusiasm to learn new things it is challenging to maintain the mindset of innovativeness and determination to exceed the customer expectations.

R & D

As a company we are a research and development oriented company with a mindset to develop solutions to customer needs. We are not satisfied until we find a solution that meets the customer need.  All the key processes in R&D happens in-house from project planning to actual design phase and productization. The personnel of R&D department consist of designers dedicated developing. hardware, software, firmware, RF and mechanics.


We are proud to have the production and testing in-house. Creowave production is certified to manufacture electronics to hazardous areas, to Zone 1, according to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU. Experienced production personnel combined with the precise processes, quality checkpoints and test procedures assures the quality of the products throughout the production process. All the personnel in production are trained to work according IPC-A-610 standard.