Board and Management

The board of the company consists of professionals with different backgrounds and expertise.

Jyrki Koski, CEO
The founder of the company has a background in RF and measurement electronics for process industry with emphasis on design, project and product management as well as sales.

Teemu Vähäkangas, Vice President
As a second founder of the company, Teemu’s background is in electrical engineering with extensive experience in different telecom and industrial projects specializing on RF systems.

Alexander Aske, Non-executive member of board, Director of MPM AS at TechnipFMC
Alex possesses a strong backround in multiphase metering and has been working with MPM from early days.

Jorma Hotakainen, Non-executive member of board, Consultant
Jorma has a long working experience in the general corporate and technology management e.g. in electronics, production technology, power electronics, quality and environmental systems. Since 2009, Jorma has worked as a consultant.