Capabilities of the C-site monitoring system?
Get all your data from remote assets in hazardous sites (ZONE 0). You can see all history data and real-time data on the cloud (web browser and mobile app). The data is stored in the server.

Power requirements for the site?
C-Site Sensor unit (S7) is a wireless battery powered unit which can also power up low power transducers. C-Site R7 gateway unit needs +12VDC/230VAC 10W nominal (it is also possible to power up with solar panels in remote sites with no electricity).

What can be the distance between S7 unit and R7 unit?
The distance between the S7 unit (monitored asset) and R7 unit can be up to 10 km.

Application possibilities for the C-Site system?
Tank level monitoring
Asset monitoring (motors, generators, etc) –> predictive maintenance
Well monitoring (temperature, pressure, flow, etc)
Process parameter monitoring

If we want to start monitoring?
Contact c-site(a)creowave.com