A challenge with remote asset is the lack of real-time condition data that can lead to equipment failure. Improving reliability, performance, safety and reducing environmental impact are among the top priorities for oil & gas companies.

Our C-site IoT platform provides a complete solution from data gathering from assets to data analytics. C-site S7 field devices support several different transducer interfaces which enables wide variety of measurements from the assets. C-site M7 software solution helps customers to gain highest return on critical asset by supporting predictive maintenance activities and optimizing processes.

As an example, C-site S7 units can be used to collect Modbus RTU data from the equipment control panel by using the S7’s RS-485 serial interface and send data wirelessly to the M7 for further analytics. All measurements, analytics, warning notifications etc. are available both on the web and mobile apps.

C-site IoT platform helps asset-heavy organizations reduce equipment downtime, increase reliability and improve performance while reducing operational and maintenance costs.

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