Creowave overcame the tender for 50 TETRA Repeaters

State Security Networks Ltd. is a limited non-profit company which is owned by the Finnish Government. The company operates the world’s first nationwide TETRA network – the VIRVE network – which is commonly used by Finnish authorities. State Security Networks headquarters are located in Helsinki.

State Security Networks opened a tender for 50 TETRA Indoor Repeaters and their control- and surveillance systems in September 2012. Creowave quoted the band-selective TETRA Repeater (CWR 380 TI 2 EG) as well the surveillance software. For surveillance Creowave uses its own Repeater Manager Software, CWR TR NMS.

In early October Creowave finally got information of winning the tender.

“This is once more strong evidence of our product reliability. Customers appreciate quality and choose us once again. We are naturally very pleased with this. As the oldest nationwide TETRA network in the world, we are honoured to be chosen by Finnish VIRVE network and get to deliver the TETRA repeaters for them”, comments Jyrki Koski, CEO of Creowave.

“Short delivery times and delivery accuracy are nowadays extremely important. We are proud to say, these things are our areas of expertise. We will make the first deliveries this week, only three weeks after the official Purchase Order. Meeting and keeping up with the agreed delivery times is of high importance to the company”, continues Jyrki.