Unique Dual Multiplexer delivered

Creowave R&D did great engineering to be able to produce a special Dual Multiplexer filter. Dual Multiplexer, designed to meet important customer needs, took remarkable R&D effort and the end result is remarkable in performance.

The Radio Testing business unit offers a variety of sub-systems and filters, including suitable products for spurious emissions, multiband testing and passive intermodulation measurements. The filter portfolio is remarkably comprehensive and, along with standard models also tailored solutions are offered.

One of these tailored solutions is just being processed and delivered to the customer. Creowave R&D team is extremely satisfied with the end results. The Dual Multiplexer was planned with the customer long and profound and lead to an excellent performance as a result.

Dual Multiplexer filter

– Combination of TETRA and LTE bands was very challenging indeed. Now the Dual Multiplexer enables our customer to connect both TETRA and LTE bands simply in the same antenna. Additionally we managed to fit all these qualities in to a compact size, comments the Technical Director of Creowave, Mr. Juha Heikkinen.

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